This is Morty! The first original character created by Rachael. He started from an upside down smiley face with fangs that Rachael and her family would draw for each other. 

Rachael is a recent graduate of Bradley University with a bachelor of science in animation and minor in drawing. She graduated with honors and summa cum laude distinction. Rachael has had an interest in animation ever since she was a little girl. She would become mesmerized by movies, and found a sense of home as she watched animations dance across the silver screen. When she started her college journey, Rachael knew she wanted to give back to the world the inspiration she found in films. She wants to inspire creativity in the hearts of others, just like she was when Rachael was little. 
While Rachael is primarily interested in both visual development and animation, she also has experience in sound design and editing. Rachael's dream has always been supported by her immense determination and work ethic. She is a quick learner, and tenacious artist.